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Kenyans have taken up a culture of not remaining silent about the gaps they encounter on a daily basis. Especially in institutions and systems that seem dysfunctional or have room to do better but give Kenyans poor services.

In a recent revelation by a complaint raised by one of the most influential Kenyan youth Scheaffer Okore ; she raised concern about the poor state of toilets in Malindi International Airport where toilets can not be flushed.

The passenger noted that they have to use buckets to flush the toilets.

ODM communication Philip Etale weighed in to the complaint shaming Kenya Airports and stated how serious the matter was. He linked it to the fact that the Airports are heavily funded yet they stoop so low to have such observations coming from the passengers,

“Shame on them” he said


This is very serious. And the way @KenyaAirports is heavily funded. Schaeffer this must be the biggest joke of the year. Shame on them.


— Philip Etale (@EtalePhilip)December 6, 2018

Kenyans could not let this pass as they came in to share in more of the Airport conditions that lower their standards as International Airports.

One stated that most or all Kenyan Airports including Jomo Kenyatta International Airport have bad facilities.

“With all the money that KAA makes from aircraft landing and parking fees, airport passenger service charges and others they sure do very little or nothing at all to modernise and improve these airports. Shame”

Have a look at the reactions, some Kenyans even made fun of the situation which could mean some are getting comfortable knowing that the country has weakness when it comes to fixing the gaps and being solution providers.



Those guys are fraudsters, I went in there for 30mins and I was charged 500 Bob for parking. I asked @KenyaAirports and they ignored. Same problem in Eldoret Airport. I love JKIA.


— S I D N E Y ® 🇰🇪 (@cksidney) December 6, 2018


That is @KenyaAirports for you. Good at taking revenue but never delivering on services for passengers!


— John Oranja (@john_oranja) December 5, 2018


Don’t worry we shall put it in the big four agenda,now we shall have five big agendas


— MAN P (@ppngoche) December 6, 2018


Tell them to opt for a pit latrine and save water


— Omitto (@gregomitto) December 5, 2018


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