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The internet went wild following the appointment of Moody Awori the former President of Kenya at his 91 birthday.The former Deputy President of Kenya Moody Awori has been appointed as Board Member of the Sports,Arts and Social Development fund.

It is not the first time the President has gone back and appointed a person who has retired to a position of power. It has been a trend. Maybe he is guided by the saying that “old is Gold.”

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When will the youth also get an opportunity to lead in such powerful positions? And how will Moody Awori at 91 be able to lead sports, art and social development fund. A docket that has young and vibrant blood.


Moody Awori is older than 50 million people in Kenya. Only 19,000 people are older than him.


Moody Awori turned 18 in 1946. Most of our parents weren't even born


— James Wamathai (@Wamathai)December 5, 2018

The President has come out boldly to defend his appointment. The President has said that appointment of young people sometimes leads to increased number of corruptions in the country.

The appointment of Moody is aimed at curbing the stealing and fraud in most government offices. Uhuru suggests that appointment of Moody Awori and other old people is just a strategy to ensure that mwananchi money is not siphoned through greedy hands.

Do you think this is a reason enough for his appointment?

This comes as one of the core pledges of Uhuru’s campaign was to create more jobs for the youths. But this is actually not happening.

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The gap of unemployment has continued to grow and expand. The conditions for employment getting tougher each and everyday. The experience tag disqualify most competent youths from ascending into positions of power.

Do you think this is the best tool to fight graft in the country?


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