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2022 State House race has been declared a one man race. It is hard to argue against this statement, especially when William Ruto, the self declared hustler launched his campaigns before 2013 and has assembled every ingredient he needs to make him president.

But it seems he may have a very unlikely opponent in 2022, if things go the way a section of Kenyans want. Makueni governor Kivutha Kibwana is being endorsed to run against the hustler.

In fact, someone has branded the Professor Kibwana as the King of development and wants him to give the whole country a dose of what he has injected in his county.


#KOT Professor Kivutha Kibwana ‘King of developments’ please run for president 2022, we are behind you! We need change so bad in this country and it has to be brought by someone with integrity, that’s you Sir.


— Jeri (@mwihaqsjeri) December 6, 2018

Kenyan politicians like to make a lot of noise when they are doing something. I remember there was a time when Alfred Mutua invited President Uhuru Kenyatta to launch new public toilets. Can you imagine this? There is a politician who launched a DSTV installation.

Professor Kibwana however plays his politics from a different script. No one had an idea about the new ultra modern Makueni Mother and Child Hospital until it was commissioned by First Lady Margaret Kenyatta.

The 120 bed capacity facility is the first of its own in the region and was build at a relatively low cost of sh. 135 million.


The Makueni Mother and Child Hospital is in line with the county’s priority to ensuring the provision of the highest attainable standards of health as envisaged in our constitution. It is also aligned with President@UKenyatta big four


— Kivutha Kibwana (@governorkibwana) December 6, 2018

It is for this and more reasons that Kenyans want him to vie for presidency, but can you vote him in?


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By admin on 06 Dec, 2018@ 17:23:3911

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