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When Lupita Nyongo said that all dreams are valid, she actually meant every bit of it. Kenyan Hip Hop star Octopizzo is a living testimony that dreams can actually become a reality.

From humble beginnings in Kibera, the Oliel hitmaker has continued to rise and shine not just locally but also internationally. Octopizzo has performed all over the world while also headlining a number of sold out concerts.

Yesterday was no different as the 8-town President performed in Toronto Canada at the Scotiabank Arena during the Giants of Africa (GOA) Mandela 100 Celebration in Toronto, Canada, an event also attended by Chelsea legend Didier Drogba.

GOA’s mission is to use basketball as a means to educate and enrich the lives of the youth of Africa. GOA aim’s to provide quality facilities, gear and coaches with the goal of growing the game of basketball within Africa.

GOA create’s awareness and support underprivileged children and young adults through it’s camps, which place emphasis on hard work, accountability, honest living and positivity.

Yesterday’s Giants of Africa celebration was meant to celebrate the legacy of Nelson Mandela.

After the event, Octopizzo and Drogba had a brief chat with Octopizzo after which Drogba pledged to work with Octopizzo through his Octopizzo Foundation.

Octopizzo Foundation’s main mission is Empowering underprivileged young people in the society to realize their potential. The Foundation believes that there is a wealth of artistic talent and potential residing in slums, refugee camps and other settlements across the country, where millions struggle to survive every day on the margins of society.

Octopizzo’s performance at the Global seem to have been so electric that even Chelsea’s undisputed King of Football Didier Drogba had to bow down to him.

Drogba revealed his joy in meeting Octopizzo while also hailing him for a great Performance.


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