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Image result for teacher wanjiku wedding anniversaryRenown female comedian Teacher Wanjiku and her husband of four years Victor Ber are celebrating their fourth wedding anniversary.

Wanjiku’s hubby took to his social media account to pen down special message to the comedian.

Ber wrote, “Happy anniversary to my one and only. This was, is and will remain the happiest day of my life.”

In her response Wanjiku praised her four year hubby.

“Happy anniversary to my one and only true love. You are a great husband, a father and a best friend. To many more,” she wrote.

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The Churchill Show comedian wedded Ber in December 2014 at an invite-only colorful wedding was held at St. Pauls Catholic Church, University way, Nairobi. The reception was later held at the Bowling Grill along Forest road, in Parklands.

Teacher Wanjiku and husband Victor Ber celebrate 4th wedding anniversary Photos

What do you think of the couple?


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