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First Lady Margaret Kenyatta has today officially launched the Mother and Child Hospital in Makueni County. The facility which is Governor Kivutha Kibwana’s brain child, holds 120 beds and is located in Wote town adjacent to Makueni Level 5 Hospital in Makueni County.



I am delighted to be in Wote, Makueni County, to preside over the official opening of the Makueni Mother and Child


— The First Lady Kenya (@FirstLadyKenya) December 6, 2018


The First Lady applauded the Governor Kivutha Kibwana for reaching out to mothers and children and making Maternal, Neonatal and Child Health (MNCH) a priority in his county. The First Lady also ascertained that the efforts put in by the county leadership in improving health care in the county will bring positive change to the lives of many families and communities living in the region.

Margaret Kenyatta further said that the Makueni Mother and Child Hospital models out what the people of Kenya can collectively do to improve the welfare of mothers and children across the country.



In line with her Beyond Zero initiative, Margaret Kenyatta said that the new the facility in Makueni will offer thousands of women the choice of delivering their babies in a safe environment thus avoid maternal and neonatal deaths experienced during childbirth.

Speaking at the official launch of the hospital, Mrs. Kenyatta said that the health of women and children is not only a priority for the development of Makueni County but the region at large and the entire country too.

She further said that she was optimistic about the potential of the new facility to contribute towards the Beyond Zero goal of reversing maternal and child mortality in the region through the specialised and modern equipment that has been installed in its theatres.



Makueni Governor Kibwana said that the facility which cost Ksh. 135 Million for both construction and equipping will be able to accommodate 120 adults and 80 neonates at a time.

The Governor added that the Makueni Mother and Child Hospital is in line with the county’s priority to ensuring the provision of the highest attainable standards of health as envisaged in the Kenyan constitution.

He further said that the new facility is aligned with President Uhuru Kenyatta big four agenda, that seeks to see the country achieve universal health coverage for all citizens.

Do you think the Governors are doing enough to help the President achieve his big 4 agenda?


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