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Intelligent Kenyans Believe Uhuru has endorsed Raila for Presidency

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Talks of 2022 succession have taken center stage despite the fact that we are still fresh from a very costly election. Ever since the Handshake Between Uhuru Kenyatta and his brother Raila Odinga, there have been rumors that part of the deal was to have Raila run for presidency in 2022.

Siaya Senator James Orengo recently said that the President would back Raila’s candidature instead of his DP William Ruto. Hawk eyed Kenyans believe Uhuru has already done this.

On Thursday, the president said that appointing young people to senior government jobs is one of the causes of run away corruption.

“You appoint these young people and money is stolen! Wacha mzee akae hapo awachungie pesa.” The President said while defending his decision to appoint 91 year old former Vice President Moody Awori to the Sports, Arts and Social Development Fund Board.

So Uhuru’s logic for dealing with corruption is appointing old people to public jobs. A certain Kenyan believes that Uhuru has just endorsed Raila for presidency with his rant over youth.


In short, what Uhuru is saying is that Raila is best suited to be President than Ruto because young people easily use their position of power to enrich themselves.


— kipkoech mitei Rober (@MiteiRober) December 6, 2018

Raila will be almost 80 in 2022 meaning he won’t steal because he would have already amassed enough wealth when he was young. It makes sense.

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