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“You appoint these young people and money is stolen. Wacha mzee akae hapo awachungie pesa.” These were the words of President Uhuru Kenyatta when revealing the reason behind appointing 91 year old Moody Awori to the Sports, Arts and Social Development Fund.

According to Uhuru, young people are thieves who are stealing money left, right and center.

“Ukiona vile watu wanaiba pesa… alafu tupatie kijana, mimi afadhali nikae na huyo mzee achunge hiyo pesa itumike vile inatakikana. ama mnasema aje jameni?

So in his wisdom, the president has decided that it is only old people who can end run away corruption. Isn’t he a genius? There is always a mentality in Kenya, that only rich people should be allowed to lead because they won’t steal. How can you steal when you already have enough?

In fact, Uhuru himself is a beneficiary of this skewed logic. In 2013, we were told to vote for him because he was already rich having been brought up in the State House.

Unfortunately, more than seven years later and he has not found a solution to corruption until today. In fact no one knew that Kenyan youth steal more than their parents or in the case of Moody Awori, grandparents.

So if Kenyan youths are thieves, does it mean that people like Moody Awori stole in their youth and now have enough of money, they don’t want to steal anymore?

Does this also mean that any youth who wants to be a leader in future should steal as much as he can now, before he is considered for leadership when he is 91?

Perhaps Uhuru should explain more on this.


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By admin on 06 Dec, 2018@ 17:01:475

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