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Image result for orengoImage result for orengoIs James Orengo obstructing justice ?

Professor Khawar Qureshi, London-based Queen’s Counsel, was single-sourced by the Director of Public Prosecution Noordin Haji as the prosecutor in Deputy Chief Justice Philomena Mwilu’s corruption case after failing to find a suitable candidate locally through advertisement.
Qureshi has been engaged to handle the corruption case facing DCJ Mwilu on grounds that the case was complicated and needed an independent person who had no political links or emotional attachment to it.


I just love this man,he really is patriotic and determined. James Orengo is an enemy of progress. DCJ Mwilu never paid taxes,so corrupt ,why does she even qualify to be in such a senior position? This just shows how corrupt is


— Kj Mpoa 🇰🇪 (@KjMpoa) December 6, 2018

However, Lawyers representing Deputy CJ Philomena Mwilu in a petition seeking to determine whether she should face criminal charges have opposed the foreign counsel from representing Mr Haji.

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According to Mr Orengo, Mr Qureshi cannot represent Mr Haji in the case because he does not possess instruments such as certificate of admission allowing him to practice in Kenya.

But in reply, secretary of prosecutions Dorcas Oduor said the Mr Haji has a right to pick a lawyer of his choice to represent him in any case.Image result for court battle gif

Ms Oduor said they will be happy to respond to opposition by Mr Orengo if the defence team makes a formal application.

But after an-hour break, the court resumed with Mr Haji seeking disqualification of Mr Orengo and lawyer Okong’o Omogeni, who are both senators, from the case.

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The DPP, through Ms Oduor, said the two lawyers sit on a Senate committee which plays an oversights role over the office of the DPP and the Judiciary and, therefore, access crucial information touching on the case before the court.

She accused the two defence lawyers of conflict of interest.

Tokeo la picha la Dorcas Oduor

Ms Oduor wondered why the defence team is questioning the appointment of Mr Qureshi yet Mr Haji appeared before the Senate committee and explained the terms of the UK’s lawyer’s hiring.

According to the McNair Chambers, a group of international commercial lawyers, Qureshi delivers the goods and is particularly good at difficult cases. “He is part of the team and very flexible. As such he’s completely what the modern barrister should be like,” says the group of lawyers.


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