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What Does NGINCOME Stands For?

NGINCOME is a news publication platform that selflessly shares her revenue with active users, validated and eligible members (NG Income). As BBC is to Britons, so is NGINCOME to Nigerians. The only difference is that NGINCOME shares her revenue with Nigerians while BBC do not share her revenue with anyone.

What Does NIP or NIP Package Means?

NGIP means NGINCOME Program. It's the program through which NGINCOME shares her revenue with validated and eligible members. NGIP Pack or package is a virtual product pack which user purchased in the form on application of becoming a validated members of which members also earns commission from.

Who Are Validated And Eligible Members?

Validated and eligible members are active users that have successfully registered for NGIP (i.e NG income program) through the payment of subscription fee of N1,100. To become a subscriber, you must purchase NGIncome package (NGIP) which cost N1,100 and partake in NGINCOME activities and also an affiliate.

What Does NGIARS Means?

NGIARS is an acronym of NGINCOME Ad Revenue Sharing. As a participant, we share ad revenue with you when you take part of NGINCOME activities. NGIARS comprises of active daily login commission + commenting & contributing commission + sharing sponsored post commission + By answering our daily quiz game.

What Is NGIAP?

NGIAP stands for NGINCOME Affiliate Program. As an affiliate, you earn 50% per each referral. Your referral is the person that joins the program through you by signing up with your referral link. You earn N500 from their entry fee product purchase (subscription fee).

Is Multiple Account Allowed?

No! Multiple account is not allowed.

Can I Use One Email Address To Register More Than One Account?

No. This is because your email helps you to reset your password when the need arises, hence; resetting and retrieving your password would be difficult if the registration of multiple accounts with one email is allowed.

Can I Register More Than One NGINCOME Account Using Similar Bank Account?

NO. It is not possible.

How Can I Make Payment And Which Payment Method Is Allowed?

Members make payment to register either using visa, verve, mastercard of online banking system via Paystack

I Don't Have A Personal Bank Account, Can I Receive My Pay Through A Third Party Account?

Itís up to you, we will send your share earnings to the bank account you provided in your profile or when making a withdrawal.

How Do I Request For Payment?

We payout our member's on weekly basis, starting from Friday to Saturday of the week or Sunday, depending on how much we are paying out and how long the payroll weakly. You need to make a withdrawal from your dashboard and your eligible unpaid share earnings will be sent to your bank account on our next payout date. But if you want to retain your earning to accumulate and cash out whenever you want you don't need to make a withdrawal till whenever you are ready. When you make a withdrawal request, your profile and activities will be checked, if you are not eligible, you will get a reply before or during the next payout starting from Friday of the week including the reason why you may not get paid yet. If you are eligible, your withdrawal will be recorded for payout with a reply as well. To get paid on the Friday to Saturday of every week, you must make a withdrawal request when you are willing to cash out before the Friday of the week. Any withdrawal request from Friday of the week will be carried over to the following week. Starting from Friday payout day, eligible withdrawals starting from referral earners will get paid first from the month revenue as usual. If revenue is enough, the remnant will be shared with other withdrawals without referral earning. Peradventure you didn't get paid for the month after recording your withdrawal, it means revenue is not enough to pay you which means your payout will then be carried over to the next month and you need to make a withdrawal again. Before you can make a withdrawal, please take note and make sure that; 1, You have earned enough with the minimum amount of N4,000 including referral earning as the case may be. 2, You can only make a withdrawal request once in a week as we payout weekly. Multiple withdrawal request will be discarded and inappropriate behaviour will not be tolerated. 3, You must be ready to cash out your earning. So, if you feel your earning is not enough to cash-out, you can always retain it till whenever you are ready. 4, Withdrawal rules must be followed to make sure everything is well regulated. Else, you may not be attended to for that week.

Is There Any Hiding Fee / Payment?

No, when you activate your NGINCOME account by purchasing a onetime income pack of N1,100, you will NEVER AGAIN be asked to pay any other fees.

How Can I Update My Bank Account After Registration?

You can provide your bank account details where you want us to pay to when making withdrawal, and you can also update your bank account in your profile menu from your dashboard with this Format sample: SKYE, Olatunji Timothy, 3020153904

How Can I Share Sponsored Post To Earn Commission?

From your dashboard menu, click on "Sponsored Post" then click on the link with post date that would appear to read instruction on how to share sponsored post.

How Can I Refer People To Earn Commission?

Once you have registered and get approved, a unique referral link will automatically be generate as your own. From your dashboard menu, click on " Affiliate / Referral Links. From there you will see your referral link, copy it out and start using it to refer your friends and family.

Is It A Must To Refer People Before I Get Paid?

NO! But since we pay affiliate earners first on weekly revenue share, you may decide to refer people to earn more commission and get paid faster.

I Have Earned Up To 4k, Why Am I Not Getting Paid?

Base on our payment terms, we pay out starting from Friday of the week, starting with affiliate earners (NGIAP) with minimum of at least N2,000 referral earning with enough activities earning (NGIARS) respectively accumulated to at least N4,000 and above. Following by top activities earners starting from the highest earners. Once the available revenue is finally exhausted, pending earning will be carried over to the following month revenue payout. If you did not get paid while you have earned N4,000 threshold, it doesnít mean you wont get paid while the system keep running. Your earning will be carried over to the following month. You only need to earn more to have a share on the following month revenue payout. So, if you have earned up to N4,000 without affiliate commission and didn't get paid, it means revenue is not enough to pay you and users in your earning stage. Hopefully next payment you will get paid or you should try to get 2 persons / referrals in order to get paid faster or wait for your turn.

Is It A Must To Share Post On Facebook?

No! It depend on you, we have multiple ways of earning, If you don't wish to partake in sponsored post sharing, its up to you and you wont earn and be paid for it it as well.

How Can I Get My Referral Link?

From your dashboard, click on affiliate/referral link. Make sure you read details on the page carefully.

Can Someone Outside Nigeria Join NGINCOME Income?

We focus on Nigerian content and our very own local currency here. Foreigners getting involve might be difficult in terms of paying in and out. Any foreigner who can be able to pay in by making purchase of our NGIP Pack and cash out in Nigeria currency (Naira) are welcome to NGINCOME Community.

Must I Bring Referrals Before NGINCOME Pays Me?

NO! However, you are advised to read our payment terms and condition as regard to we pay those referral earners first till when the available revenue get exhausted

What Is NGINCOME Product And How Are They Making Money?

Our products contain a membership package and advertising. We earn money through many ways, such as Google AdSense, custom advertising system and partners. Thats why we call it NGINCOME Ad Revenue Sharing (NGIARS) and also Affiliate commission.

Still need help?

Use support page or contact us page and email us.

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